“Disaster” as EngSoc Boat Ball Can’t Set Sail


The English Society  (EngSoc) Summer Boat Ball, set to take place on the Princess Caroline in Ocean Village tonight (12th May) has not gone as planned.

The boat was meant to set sail at 7:45pm, but about forty minutes later guests were told that the boat could not set sail due to the number of guests on board exceeding the maximum limit. It is believed that EngSoc sold over 160 tickets. However,  the Captain said over the tannoy that they couldn’t set sail until there were a maximum 120 people on the boat, including staff.

At least 48 people then got off the boat and were taken to Fantinis by some of EngSoc committee where the after party is due to be held.

The boat eventually set sail around 9pm, where ‘wild cheers‘ were heard.

No invoice or contract was given to English Society detailing the limit on guests allowed on the boat, according to one attendee.


The Princess Caroline party ship is often hired out by students and has been used for Media Ball, Geography Society, SUES ball, Languages ball, MuSoc ball, PsychoSoc ball, and ESSS ball, in the last few years.  
Some students have spoken of their disappointment, but not placed the blame on EngSoc.
Lois Harvey said “We can’t have fun with our friends now which is a shame“, while Rosie Doyle said “I don’t think it was the fault of the English society but it’s such a shame”. Dan Linstead, a third year English student, claimed it was the boat’s fault arguing that they “they didn’t say there was a cap“.

Another guest complained that he had travelled all the way from Essex and was “annoyed” because  “I’ve taken a day off work and have only been given half the money back”

EngSoc have said they’ll release an official statement tomorrow.


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