SUSU AGM 2016 Roundup


During yesterday’s SUSU Annual General Meeting (Wednesday the 11th of May in The Bridge), several contraversial motions were passed, including the banning of plastic and sleeping pods to be introduced in the library. Prior to the 12pm meeting, students were able to vote on the agenda online.

Here is a roundup of the policy proposals that passed and failed, in the name of student democracy.

Motions passed:

  • Democracy Reform Proposal. The hot topic on twitter was gender balancing on committees. You can read more about the motions (two of which passed) here.
  • Membership Reform Proposal, which rewrites the requirements to be a member of SUSU. Find out more here.
  • More water fountains on campus.

  • Ban plastic now! Read more about this motion, that has prompted hilarity, confusion and contraversy.
  • Module Choices“campaign for a fair and functioning system that students can use when attempting to select
    optional modules“.

  • Pay-as-you-go gym membership with increased overall access. Those who voted for were an overwhelming majority, with 243 voting for and 31 against.
  • Improve on-campus food menus in all food outlets: there is little choice offered to students on campus in food outlets in relation to vegetarian, vegan, Halal and other cultural/religious eating practices”.
  • Sustainable promotion for student groups.
  • Make SUSU the Cat an Honorary President of the Students’ Union. See our latest article on this motion.

  • Student-run allotments. This motion was inspired by other successful university allotments, such as the one at the University of Worcester.
  • Stop using products that contain palm oil. This one is for the orangutans.
  • Sleeping pods in the library“like the ones at google”.

  • Make the Stags seating more efficient. We all know how bust the Stags gets in the evenings so it’s been proposed that we ditch the “inefficient” sofas for stools.
  • Students shouldn’t be suspects. This is a very serious motion regarding counter-terrorism. The union pledges to condemn discrimination and hate crimes”. Read more here.
  • Celebrate, recognise and raise awareness of all types of major cultural and religious festivals and holidays throughout the year. “All students, regardless of nationality, culture or religion should have the right to feel welcome”. Plus more celebrating is never going to be a bad thing.
  • Offer December graduation to all Masters students. This will prevent international masters students from missing thier graduation ceremonies.
  • Redevelop the Boat Hard site so that there is more car parking, space and better facilities for all the clubs that use it. There are currently no accessible toilets and changing facilities on the Boat Hard site. This is another one that requires lobbying the University.
  • Stop funding flyers for student groups. SUSU made it clear that flyers are not being banned, just that they should not be funded.

Motions failed:

  • Stop selling bottled water on campus. 

  • Numbering of Southampton University Buildings should be clear and logical. This motion was removed from the agenda.

For more information on these motions, the meeting minutes are available on the SUSU website.


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