Here Are the Final Logos for the Union Re-Brand


The final logos for the Union’s re-brand have been disclosed.

The new ‘Us.’ logo, as shown below, is designed to be versatile, as it is intended to be used within a wide variety of situations and places, whilst still ensuring the maintenance of uniform branding across the Students Union. Another big aim of this logo is to avoid confusion about Union brands – now people should know what services are provided by the Union.


The dot, next to the ‘s’ of the brand, is intended to be utilised in a way which gives certain events, societies, services and places their own unique identity, whilst still maintaining brand unity across the Union, as shown below. As such, it can be used in both serious and playful ways.



The specific colour palette used will vary depending on the situation used, with all aspects of the union generally coming under one of the four areas shown below, so venues like the Stags and the Shop would use the aqua palette, opportunities such as the participation in societies would generally use the yellow one, support services such as nightline would make use of the pale navy colour scheme and anything to do with representation would have red colours.0035

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Finally, existent and established brands such as the Stags, Surge, the Bridge, Nightline or Wessex Scene will still keep their names and in most cases their logos.

The remaining details of the rebrand will be revealed on Monday.



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