SUSU Planned to Hold A Rebrand Referendum


A Union Council Policy submitted in June 2015 suggested a referendum on the rebrand for Autumn 2015.

The referendum, which was suggested to take place in the Autumn term of the 2015/16 academic year, did not occur. Instead a referendum on library opening times, which many students called unnecessary, took place during this time, with a supposed more substantial consultation having taken place on the rebrand issue instead.

Since the rebrand reveal, students have criticised the fact that there was not a referendum held on this issue.

The policy states that the Union believes

Student consultation is essential and necessary when making such a major decision. Any rebrand will have a significant impact on the Union. SUSU at its very core is student-led therefore it is important for students to have their say in this decision and make their voices heard. Facts, figures and an outline of what a rebrand will involve, including approximate costs, should be made available to students to ensure that they are able to make an informed decision.

The proposers suggested  that the Union should mandate a referendum, to be held in the Autumn of 2015. This would ‘ensure students get all the necessary information about the rebrand in an unbiased way.’


According to the minutes from the meeting held on 8th June 2015, the proposal was not passed, as it had been referred to the Union President (then David Mendosza- Wolfs) to bring to Trustee Board, following the Ideas Discussion session at the start of the meeting.

However, it was not discussed at Trustee board, and is not mentioned in the minutes of any subsequent meetings. An anonymous source who was at the council meeting in question said “David Mendoza-Wolfson seemed to have an agenda to pass this through without a referendum”. 

VP DCI Kerry Sclater told Wessex Scene

This policy did not pass. The whole issue was referred to Trustee board, and since then there was range of other, more qualitative and thorough consultation techniques used.



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