77% of Southampton Students Want to Stay In The EU


“WE WANT IN”  is the overwhelming response from University of Southampton Students, as 77% have told Wessex Scene they plan to vote to remain in Europe on 23rd June.

77% are voting in

Hundreds of students were surveyed in Wessex Scene’s ‘Big Student Survey’ and over three-quarters have said they want to remain members of the European Union. 12.3% said they were definitely voting out, and the remaining 10.3% were either still unsure or abstaining. This differs dramatically from the national polls – where the Leave campaign are ahead by about one point. 

Students offered various reasons for why they’re voting remain from “It’ll be too much of a faff to leave” to “It’s a no brainer, surely? Nearly every fact offered by ‘Leave’ has been refuted, we don’t know what we don’t know and the safer, more humanitarian, more financial sensible choice is to stay in.”

Daniel, a English graduand says:

“When you cut through all the ifs, buts, and maybes, the basic economic arguments say we definitely won’t be worse off staying in, that can only happen through leaving”

Students party political affiliations also had a dramatic effect too. Only 67% of students voting Conservative said they will vote out of Europe – compared to 93% of Labour voters. Unsurprisingly, 100% of UKIP supporters said they will be voting to leave Europe.



Lib Dem and Green voters were also significantly more likely to vote remain (94.1% and 92.7% respectively) whereas those abstaining from voting and those voting for other parties were less likely (53.6% and 80%)




Matthew Cowely, a first year Politics and Economics student, and President of Students for Britan, the society campaigning to Leave the EU,  told Wessex Scene.

We’ve had a lot of positive feedback from students who are either voting leave or undecided and leaning leave – obviously I would accept that a majority of students are probably going to vote remain, but we’re please with the level of support we have received from students across Southampton. I also think that the amount of engagement with the referendum at the university has shown positive signs for the future, and I would urge everyone (regardless of which side they choose) to go out, learn about the issues and vote on June 23rd.

Wessex Scene’ survey results also showed a clear divide between the genders. Amongst women, 80.2% said they would vote in, compared to only 75% of men.



Third years are the most likely to vote in – and those in forth years and above are the least likely.image-12 image-11 Jonny, a first year, told Wessex Scene

As a languages student it benefits me much more to stay in the EU, particularly with the travel benefits which makes it so much easier for me to be able to get a job abroad.image-10 image-9

If you’re still unsure of how to vote, make sure you pick up a copy of Issue 7 of Wessex Scene, for the arguments for Brexit, Bremain and Reform.


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