79% of Southampton Students Are Worried About Graduating


Four in five Southampton students are worried about graduating, and life after graduation.

The data come from research conducted by Wessex Scene, which saws hundreds of students tell us about their life at Southampton.

Students named getting a job and finance as their biggest concern about life after University.

Students said academia is their biggest pressure, followed by work/life balance, money and social life.


96% of Southampton students said they’re stressed about getting good grades at University. With 42% saying they were “extremely stressed”.

Surprisingly, those in fourth year or above were the least stressed, with nearly one in six saying they were “not at all stressed”, and second years were the most stressed with 98.2% claiming to be stressed.

Women are more likely to report stress than men, however men are more likely to report being “extremely stressed”.

Further, 3 in 5 students say they feel pressure to drink at University.

Pressure and stress on students is thought to be increasing due to a more competitive job market, and increasing cost of living and fees at University. Earlier this year, Wessex Scene reported that 92% of students feel mental distress while at University. There’s also been a sharp rise in demand for counselling services at Universities. 

VP Welfare, Sam Bailey told Wessex Scene:

Life after being a student is tough – the job market is competitive and house prices are skyrocketing. This is why it’s so important to make the most of being at University, taking every opportunity to gain work experience, learn new skills and to network. There’s so much out there, it’s just a matter of taking advantage of these things.

If you’re worried about stress or your mental health, contact enabling services or see the NHS guide on coping with stress. 



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