Jesters is Southampton’s Favourite Club


Jesters is the favourite club for Southampton students, according to hundreds of students who completed the big student survey 2016. 

Famous for it’s £4 pints of cocktails, playing Baywatch and a twobicle, Jesters is an icon of Southampton.


Two in five students name Jesters as their favourite club, a clear favourite. While Oceana comes second, and Switch gets the Bronze medal.

Despite the fact it’s often named one of the worst nightclubs in Europe, The Palace of Dreams, where students go to get sticky shoes and cheap drinks, is a clear favourite for Southampton Students. Is it ‘so bad it’s good‘?


“I love Jesters because I always pull there” Dan, 21, an English student told Wessex Scene. Alex, a second year Biomed student described Jesters as “A place where dreams are made and forgotten”.

Michael, a history graduand said

I love Jesters because it’s really easy to go for a casual night out, you get a lot of alcohol for your money and there’s something really special about a load of sweaty people being crammed into a small dancefloor shouting our heads off to the Lion King at 2am.


Another student, who asked to remain anonymous said:

My gold card gets me in for free, and drinks are so cheap, I’ve ended up there way too often that I’ve been through three pairs of Jesters shoes in a year. I should stop but the Jesticles are so bloody good and I love getting half-naked to Baywatch.


Jonny, a first year languages student said.

Jesters isn’t just a nightclub. Its not that simple. Jesters is an experience, it’s part of local culture, it’s something that would be in the list of things to do there. No-one would say ‘Oh I’m in Southampton, and whilst I’m here I’ve gotta go to Oceana’. Oceanas are everywhere; Jesters is local and loved and hated by many. The mere fact that everyone has an opinion about it goes to show how big a roll it plays in the community.

Jesters was also voted the best value club in Southampton and Stags was voted the favourite pub.




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