Southampton Student Becomes Millionaire Overnight


A first year psychology student at the University of Southampton has won the £61.1 million Euromillions jackpot.

Courtney Davies was part of the syndicate that won a whopping £61.1 million in the Euromillions draw last Friday, 29th July.

Courtney’s sister Stephanie purchased six lucky dip tickets from a garage near the family home in Monmouth, Wales after receiving a call from the girls’ mother in Florida. Her mother, Sonia Davies, urged her to buy a lottery ticket as she was ”feeling lucky” following a successful operation.

The family syndicate, consisting of Courtney, Stephanie, Sonia, Stephanie’s boyfriend Steve Powell and Sonia’s partner Keith Reynolds, will be celebrating winning £12,200,488.58 each of the £61,102,442.90 jackpot.

Courtney has said she plans to finish her psychology degree and that she would like to spend some of her winnings on a new car – and maybe an electric toothbrush.

The Davies family matched all seven winning numbers; 1, 21, 26, 40, 50 and both lucky stars 2 and 4, and have said they are currently ”living the dream”.

Courtney very kindly found time to speak exclusively to the Wessex Scene on what has undoubtedly been a very busy day for her.

She said “It still isn’t quite sunk in yet, I’m feeling ecstatic and overwhelmed with all the luck that my family and I have had over the past week. The lottery win has been the icing on the cake (to say the least) for my mum’s successful operation.”
When asked what’s next following the win she responded:
”We have no immediate plans at the moment as it’s still such a shock, in a few days I’m sure my head will start to clear. But at the moment I’m just thinking about how grateful I am to be in this situation.”

Congratulations to Courtney and the Davies family.


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