Former Nightclub to be Replaced With Flats


The former Cloud Nine nightclub could be about to be replaced by 25 new homes. A developer has filed his plans with the council to demolish the buildings, at 94-97 St Mary’s Road.

There are currently shops and flats in the buildings, but if demolished studio apartments and a new shop would be built. The developer Mr Poswall said in his application:

The proposal is market led and suited to the nature and demographic of the area. It is clear from the recent large student schemes in the area, this council recognises the area to be of a young demographic.

The flats won’t be limited to just students, but open to young professionals wanting a low carbon lifestyle.

After the recent outrage from Southampton residents over more student flats being built, the fact that it’s open to everyone can only be promising.

City council planners are expected to make a decision by November 9th.

Wessex Scene will keep you updated as the story progresses.


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