Pride Alights Southampton


Yesterday, Southampton celebrated its first annual pride event for a few decades, seeing the city awash with music and colour for the day.

Beginning in the morning, the street party on West Marlands Road went on all day, bringing food, drink, arts and entertainment to the people of Southampton. Many of the acts showed off the talent in the local LGBT community and kept the people dancing throughout the event.

Image by Chris Zardis
Image by Chris Zardis

Over 1000 people attended, and many made an effort to get dressed up, getting heart and soul in to the party atmosphere of Pride. The event was enjoyed by people of all ages, from different backgrounds from all across the city.

One of the main highlights of the day was a procession through town, which started outside the stage door and meandered through the high street, bringing a succession of banners, flags and outfits through the sleepy streets of Southampton.

Speaking about the event, President of US LGBT Society Jonathon St Clair-Smith said:

“Southampton Pride is a terrific opportunity for the members of the LGBT+ Society and the students of the University to join the people of Southampton in celebrating the diversity of the LGBT+ Community. I’m excited to be able to do this in Southampton as Pride offers us the opportunity to make the city an even more inclusive and friendly place to live and study. It’s sure to be a fantastic day and I hope lots of people come along and have a great time with us!”


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