Brock Turner Released From Jail After Serving 3 Months


The 21 year old sexual assault convict has been released from County jail after serving just 3 months of his 6 month sentence and was greeted first, not by his parents, not by his friends, but by a large pile of hate mail.

The former Stanford swimmer hit the headlines in March after a poignant letter written by his 24 year old victim went viral after being read aloud during the trial. For those who don’t know the background, Brock Turner was an Olympic hopeful studying at one of the America’s most elite universities, Stanford. One evening in January 2015 two Swedish PhD exchange students were cycling by a student area where a fraternity party was clearly taking place, and spotted a man in an alley on top of an apparently unconscious woman. The graduate students chased Turner and tackled him, holding him until the police arrived.

A poignant message from Stanford students. Image:
A poignant message from Stanford students. Image:

The result was that Turner was convicted of 3 charges of felony sexual assault after the rape charges were dropped. Many were in uproar of Judge Aaron Persky’s decision to hand out a County jail sentence of just 6 months. Uproar ensued after this lenient sentence and a petition received 1.3 million signatures calling for Judge Persky to retire from the bench. As a result, he voluntarily removed himself from hearing all criminal cases on Wednesday.

Upon release, the first thing Turner was greeted with, was in fact, a large pile of hate mail. After being kicked out of Stanford, he’s now returning to Ohio to live with his parents.

Long term, Turner may just get his just desserts. He has to register as a sex offender within the next 4 days and will remain on the sex offender list for life, meaning if he wanted to become a swim coach, he can’t, as he can’t work with kids. In fact he won’t be allowed any place that kids congregate, in addition to the obvious schools and playgrounds.

Moreover, his neighbours will receive a postcard, although not a very nice one, detailing that a sex offender has now moved into the area. It’s worth knowing that in many US states if a sex offender moves to a town or suburb, the citizens can request he move somewhere else. So good luck finding somewhere to sit your miserable bottom Brock Turner, you’d be hard pushed to find someone that’s rooting for you.


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