Southampton Student Fundraises for Brain Tumour Patient


Southampton student Kevin Madden has arranged a marathon 1,000 ‘kick-a-thon’ fundraiser in order to raise money for a friend diagnosed with multiple brain tumours.

Madden’s friend, Dan Lewis, a well-known local family man had previously beaten one brain tumour, but recently got re-diagnosed with a second brain tumour, shocking his partner Sarah and his triplet children Joel, Jarvis and Leila. Dan has tried to remain upbeat in this difficult time, writing the book ‘Brain Tumours for Dummies’- a heart-warming and tragically funny account of combining having triplets with struggling with a Brain Tumour diagnosis. This amazing account has inspired others to help them through these troubling times, even when they themselves could do with a helping hand more than most.

To help them, Southampton Student and keen Tae-Kwon-Do activist Kevin Madden has joined together with Matt Fiddes Southampton and Bournemouth to arrange a marathon kick challenge of at least 1,000 kicks in the space of an hour to try and generate just £200 to help the Lewis family through this difficult time. When asked about this event, Kevin commented: “This family has shown that no matter how tough things get, no matter how many times life kicks us down that we can always get back up. 1,000 kicks doesn’t compare to the hardship this family have dealt with but we hope that a group of us coming together to help support the family is exactly what they need to raise them up. #KickTheTumour”

You can hear more about Dan’s story, and donate to this worthwhile cause here:


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