University Library Refurbishments Bring More Study Space to Hartley


The University has announced plans, already in action, to increase the study space in Hartley Library along with other benefits to improve the study environment. The Hartley Library Project is aimed towards Level 3 of the library, and is set to take place between 12 September and 17 October. These renovations will include an increase in study spaces, more power supplies, comfortable lounging areas, and group study spaces. 

Credit: The University of Southampton
Credit: The University of Southampton

Most of us at the university know the struggle when it comes to getting a seat in the library. With the university accepting more and more students each year, the complaints regarding no library seating ever being available really piled up.

The University has now announced that plans are underway to help the situation. The Hartley Library Project features many benefits, including the 71 additional study spaces that we all need so desperately. As well, Level 3 will now benefit from added power supplies, comfortable lounging areas for students to relax, group study spaces featuring large displays and WiFi access, and new floor and wall surfaces.

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