Southampton Nursing Lecturer Nominated for National Award


James Wilson
Credit: University of Southampton

James Wilson, a lecturer in mental health, has been nominated for the Times Higher Education award for Most Innovative Teacher of the Year.

Mr. Wilson has worked since 2004 to create an interactive teaching experience, by using an electronic audience response system students are able to practise responding to situations which are created by actors. This has given over 10,500 students experience in decision making which can be directly applied to their future nursing roles. 

James Wilson has now made it to the short list and awaits the award event in November to receive the final result. Mr. Wilson says he is “delighted” by his nomination and believes it is important to empower students to “ask the difficult questions”. By creating a “meaningful” classroom experience he hopes to prepare them for “professional practise”, something that cannot be achieved “just by lecturing”.

James Wilson is not the first Southampton educator to be nominated for the Times Most Innovative Teacher of the Year award, which was won by Simon Kemp, Priciple Teaching Fellow In Engineering and the Environment, in 2013.

Were you his student? Do you hope that Mr. Wilson wins the ‘Most Innovative Teacher of the Year’ award? Let us know in the comments below.


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