Students Warned Against Phishing Scam


Students are being warned to be vigilant of a phishing scam targeting University students by advertising a government bursary. 

A surge of phishing emails have been sent to University students, the emails appear to have come from University finance departments and invite students to claim a government bursary.

The student from QMUL, who became a victim to the scam, completed a form which asked for her personal and banking details. Even though the student stopped before completing her bank verification, £300 had already been withdrawn from her account. The scam email was entitled ‘Educational Gant Information’. The scam email has also been sent to students at the University of Glasgow.

The Student Loan company warned that students are particularly vulnerable to phishing attempts around September, January and April because these are the key payment dates for student finance.

Students are advised to be wary to grammatical mistakes in official looking emails and to be careful when giving out financial information online.

Have you been a victim of a phishing scam or come across a questionable email? Comment below.


Third year English student, News Editor 2016/17, currently studying abroad in Barcelona.

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