#DoubleDecker Cadbury’s Bus Comes to Freshers’ Fair 2016


University of Southampton’s Freshers’ Fair this year has pulled out all the stops with Soundclash goodies and giveaways, more freebies than ever before and the infamous free Domino’s pizza. Perhaps most excitingly and causing one of the lengthiest queues was the appearance of the Cadbury’s Double Decker promotional tour bus, touring U.K. university campuses this autumn…

Features Editor Ellen and I rose to the important task of investigating the bus and what it had on offer. Impressively, the bus had two floors of fun equipped to make even those most indifferent to the charm of chocolate begin to salivate.

Credit: Ellen Jenne
Credit: Farihah Choudhury


It kicks off with a deceptively deep ball pit followed by a soft platform with fancy screens advertising Cadbury’s and their products. Of which Ellen was unaware, so sank to the bottom as she stepped in. This then led to a punching bag obstacle course, closely followed by an ascent to what looked like an upmarket, swanky chocolate bar and restaurant where mini Cadbury’s treats were served up, quite literally, on a platter. There were even sofas and minimalistic, 2005 Willy Wonka Johnny Depp-esque deco. Very impressive.

The epitome of the chocolate journey was the tube slide from the top deck of the bus, after being handed the eponymous Cadbury’s Double Decker chocolate bar.

The entire course was punctuated by several helpers, (Can we call them Oompa Loompas when they aren’t four feet tall and homogenous in stature and appearance? Or ludicrously painted orange?) should the indulgent experience get a bit overwhelming.

The #DoubleDecker bus is a chocolate lover’s dream. Although it may have been a short adventure, it was definitely something that picked up the end of Southampton’s Freshers’ Week.

Credit: Ellen Jenne
Credit: Ellen Jenne

The last leg of the #DoubleDecker tour is on the 3rd October 2016 11am – 4pm at Newcastle University’s students’ union.


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