‘Killer Clowns’ Come To Hampshire


The craze that started in South Carolina in late August has traveled the Atlantic Ocean and made it’s way to our British shores. It is assumed that those perpetrating the pranks are copycats who found humor in the original incident and decided to start Halloween early and ignite fear into the communities. 

Reports have emerged of clown sightings from all over the country. The i has reported of incidences in Hampshire, Edinburgh, Manchester and Northumbria involving killer clowns chasing pedestrians down streets.

One of the incidents on British soil occurred in Durham, when four children aged 11-12 were followed to school by a man armed with a knife and dressed as a ‘killer clown’. Sergeant Mel Sutherland from Durham Police stated that the children who were chased in this incident were left distressed but unharmed. Although the man was carrying a knife the police do not believe he had intended to cause any physical harm. The police are currently trying to locate this man and offer their full support to the children an families affected.

Another incident happened in Stanford-le-Hope, Essex where two teenage girls were arrested for being found wearing clown outfits and for having an intent to scare children.

The police warn all individuals against participating in this disturbing craze as they will face arrest. Even Stephen King, author of the world renowned clown horror ‘it’, has tweeted his disapproval of those carrying out the craze:

Credit: Freya Millard
Credit: Freya Millard

The source of this craze is believed to come from online social media sites, such as Twitter. There are several accounts dedicated to promoting the ‘killer clown’ trend. Police are carrying out an investigation into who is responsible for these accounts and they will be held accountable.

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