Southampton Student Completes 1,000 kick Marathon Challenge


Kevin Madden, Male Team Captain of Southampton University Tae-Kwon-Do, alongside Matt Fiddes Southampton and Bournemouth, and over 40 adults and kids, completed a 1,000 kicks in one hour challenge on Thursday, to raise money to beat cancer.

As explained in the Wessex Scene, Madden decided to test himself with the challenge to raise money for his friend, and local family man Dan Lewis who has recently been diagnosed with his second brain tumour, after already overcoming one lot of cancer.

The fundraiser for Dan has thus far raised over £2000 for him and his family.

The crowdfunding’s bio details how Dan has written a book entitled Brain Tumours for Dummies which details Dan’s experience of finding out about being due to have triplets, and the changes that he had to make in his life because of his diagnosis.

Credit: Image via Katie Harding
Credit: Image via Katie Harding

Upon completion of the challenge, Kevin said: “I am really happy with the way the event took place. Massive shout out to Alex who put most of this together, and of course everyone who had sponsored us whether it was local companies or individuals.”

“Cancer can impact anyone at any time but it goes to show with such a great turnout that no one is ever isolated and that as a community when pulling together we can achieve something great and as witnessed we raised a few thousand pounds and have changed a family’s life hopefully long term.”

Alongside Kevin, over 40 other adults also completed the challenge, including Sarah King, a Matt Fiddes Black Belt who commented: “It was a Kicktastic night spent kicking Cancers butt!” Mark Joseph, whose daughter also took part added: ‘The event was awesomely run. What a great cause. Dan Lewis is a personal friend of mine. 3 great kids and I just wish him all the best.’

If you support this cause and want to help Dan and his family, then donate here.


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