Reported ‘Killer Clown’ Sightings in Southampton


‘Killer Clowns’ have been reportedly sighted in Southampton on Saturday 8th October.

Residents took to Facebook claiming to have seen clowns around Hedge End, a village situated on the outskirts of Southampton and Weston a suburb on the East of Southampton. There has also been a sighting on the Southampton Common.

Facebook page ‘Clown Sightings UK’ has posted a warning to residents of Southampton, amongst other areas around the UK that are yet to be officially reported.

Credit: Alice Hearing
Credit: Alice Hearing

However despite the hysteria these reported sightings have caused online they remain unverified, and it has yet to be confirmed that any ‘Killer Clowns’ have been seen in the Southampton area.

The ‘Killer Clown’ craze has spread throughout England after starting on American Campuses, it is supposed that people who dress up as clowns do so as a joke to scare civilians or children. However police departments across England have warned perpetrators that they are not amused by the pranks and they will not be tolerated.

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