Union To Launch All Student Vote


The University of Southampton’s Student Union are launching an ‘All Student Vote’ covering three different topics next week. 

The ‘All Student Vote’ allows students to voice their views on issues that affect the whole student body. Starting on 17th October at 12:00 and finishing on 18th October at 16:00, students will be able to vote on three issues: tuition fees, Union campaigns and the Union brand.

On the topic of tuition fees, students will be asked “Following the introduction of the £9,000+ fees, do you consider yourself to be at University primarily to learn or to attain a qualification?”.

Eliot Grater, VP Education said

“Since the introduction of fees the question has been repeatedly asked; is the primary function of a university to provide a qualification and therefore contribute to how employable a student is, or is it to act as a centre of research and learning? We’re asking for your opinion on this issue, and will use the results when we consider campaigns and projects on issues, including tuition fees.”

The question on the topic of Union campaigns is as follows:

“The Union is running these four campaigns this year; which one is most important to you?”

  • Campaign for student housing quality
  • Campaign for fair tuition fees
  • Campaign for sexual consent awareness
  • Campaign for mental health and wellbeing

And thirdly, the union will ask students their opinion on the rebrand of the Union name and logo.

Two questions will be asked regarding the Union brand. Firstly, students will be asked whether they prefer the name SUSU or Union Southampton (Us.). Students will then be asked to vote whether they prefer the new Us. branding or the old SUSU branding.

For the ‘All student vote’ to have an impact, at least 10% of full union members must vote. The outcome will be announced on the evening of the 18th October.


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