Poland Could Perform U-Turn On Abortion Ban


Just a few days after the Polish government were forced to remove proposed legislation that would have made abortion illegal in all cases, including potentially criminalising miscarriages, the government has proposed an alternative law that would further tighten Poland’s already strict legislation on the matter.

Poland has some of Europe’s strictest laws on abortion, however the ruling party, Law and Justice, is insistent on their position of the ‘protection of life’, and announced that the previous bill was not well thought out.

They are now proposing a new bill that would force women to give birth even when the foetus is certain to die just so they can be baptised. If the mother’s life or health was in danger, termination would still be legal.

A petition by the anti-abortion group Voice for Life has now gained around 160,000 signatures and will soon be discussed in Parliament. The proposal would introduce higher sentences for performing an abortion unless the woman’s life is in truly in danger.

The petition clearly states that a woman’s organs must be failing in order for her to get an abortion. Hormonal and emergency contraception that stops the egg from implantation would also be banned, and anyone caught selling such products would be imprisoned. The group defines the beginning of life as the moment that the egg and sperm merge, it would make schools teach this in lessons, and teach children that abortion is wrong, to encourage a ‘culture of life’.

It is very likely that this bill will get the support of the ruling party as it supports their position on abortion.

National strikes against the two bills are planned for October 23rd and 24th.



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