Southampton Now the Proud Home of ‘Boaty McBoatface’


Following the public’s engagement in the National Environmental Research Council’s ‘Name Our Ship’ campaign, a new Autosub has been named Boaty McBoatface and is based at Southampton’s National Oceanography Centre (NOC). 
In March 2016 the National Environmental Research Council launched a campaign to find a name for the UK’s next polar research ship.  Following a campaign that attracted widespread public engagement, with one particularly popular suggestion ‘Boaty McBoatface’ trending all over Twitter and the internet , the ship was eventually named RRS Sir David Attenborough. However, the name ‘Boaty McBoatface’ was not forgotten and has now been given to one of the National Oceanography Centre’s Autosub Long Range autonomous vehicles. The yellow robot submarine was named by Jo Johnson, Minister of State for Universities, Science, Research and Innovation.
Professor Ed Hill, the Executive Director of the NOC, has said “We are really happy to be the home of Boaty McBoatface, which we hope will be a great vehicle for communicating to a new audience the impact of our science, as well as the innovation that allows it to happen.
Boaty McBoatface and RRS Sir David Attenborough’s missions will be involved in a new £1 million Government-funded ‘Polar Explorer Programme’, that aims to engage the next generation of scientists and engineers in polar science. Boaty McBoatface will be able to explore 95% of the ocean, travelling thousands of kilometres on missions lasting several months. Boaty McBoatface will be central to the exploration of both Antarctica and the Arctic  and will be instrumental to oceanographers in investigating what drives change in these polar regions.   .
Welcome to Southampton Boaty!

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