Lovers Walk Rebranded As ‘Vegan’ Lovers Walk


Lover’s Walk (connecting Burgess Road and Highfield Lane) is well known by students as the quick shortcut from Avenue Campus to Highfield Campus or up to Glen Eyre.  However, today there is a new theme to Lovers Walk with many pro-vegan slogans scrawled along the path. 

Yesterday, it was World Vegan Day to celebrate the activities of Vegans across the world. It is presumed that these were written along the path to raise awareness about World Vegan Day with students.

Reportedly, these slogans have also been seen around Glen Eyre road near the shell garage. At the moment there is no indication as to why or when these pro-vegan slogans have be written. It is suggested that it was a University student due to the location around the Highfield campus. The head of Vegan Society at the University denies any knowledge about the scrawlings; but comments that she thinks ‘it’s a great way to get the message across”.

Source: Nuala McBride
“Why love one and not the other?” Credit: Nuala McBride
“Need Gains? Go Vegan” Credit: Nuala McBride
“Be the voice for the voiceless! #GoVegan” Credit: Nuala McBride
“Vegan for Environment” Credit: Nuala McBride
“Stop killing. #Vegan” Credit: Nuala McBride

Do you know anything about these? Let us know! 


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