EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Student Trump Supporter


The US election is well and truly underway, The Stag’s is packed and brimming with excitement and opinion. So we have decided to interview some outspoken students in the Stags regarding candidate preference and the results.

Chippy, Law Student:

Source: Ana Bond Esparraguera
Source: Ana Bond Esparraguera

1. Why are you voting for Donald Trump?

‘Because I can’t vote for Hillary; she has views that are inconsistent with the things that I believe. It’s not so much that I support Trump, its more that I don’t agree with a single thing that Hillary Clinton stands for. So he’s the lesser of two evils in my mind’.

2. But what do you think about Donald Trump’s sexist comments? Do you not think they’re degrading to women?

‘ I don’t like the way Trump speaks about women and a lot of things, but what I don’t like is baby murder [abortion]’

3. So do you like the fact that Trump isn’t politically correct?

‘ I don’t like that he’s not politically correct, I don’t like that he makes racist comments about Mexicans and many of his policies. But I cannot support a woman which supports abortion at 32 weeks’

4. Do you think there are any British politicians that are akin to Trump that you also agree with?

‘I’m a conservative by nature as I don’t totally support the conservative party as it is currently formed, as it is a classically liberal party now rather than a traditionally conservative party now. For me, being a traditional conservative, Nigel Farage is the most akin to Donald Trump’.

5. Do you think that Donald Trump and Nigel Farage can change the political landscape?

‘No, I don’t think that Trump or Farage can change anything. I don’t believe the President of the United States can change anything, because its the weakest branch of the constitution of the United States. So, in all honesty, as long as you don’t have Republicans or Democrats in the House or Senate, the Supreme Court holds the most power anyway’.

6. Do you prefer the American system to the British system?

‘As a Law student, I really like our system. I think our system is extremely flexible, the judges use their power extremely prudently and sensibly. Naturally, I don’t like democracy very much, I would prefer to see judges have a bit more power in this country. But, the American system is to some extent outdated and their lack of flexibility of their constitution, makes it very outdated especially in terms of gun control. There’s clearly a situation in the United States, where the innocent people are losing their lives because one section of the community exerts too much political influence.’


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