University of Southampton Receives £12 million Investment for Latest Computing Technology


The University of Southampton is to receive a £12 million investment in the latest computing technology.

Scientists say that the new technology will support their research that could have results ranging from life-saving drugs, to combatting aeroplane noise and solving archaeological mysteries.

The funds, awarded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research council (EPSRC), will allow for development in computers thousands of times more powerful than your standard domestic computer, the Daily Echo reports.

The University’s access to them will be entirely digital, as the computers themselves are based at Oxford, Cambridge and UCL.

Simon Cox, Professor of Computational Methods and Chief Information Officer at the University of Southampton, told the Daily Echo: “It is very exciting because those machines will enable us to improve people’s life and carry out very high level research…

“We can see where there may be patterns in the occurrence of asthma that can be linked to everyday life and then work on how to improve these…”

“We look forward to working with our partners in Science and Engineering South to carry out research that can compete internationally and that will also have benefit on the UK economy.”

The University will benefit from the technology for approximately the next four years, until further developments in the field will replace these with even more advanced models.


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