Student Assaulted on Campus for Voting Trump


An American student at the University of Southampton was spat on yesterday because they voted for Donald Trump.

The student affected has since approached the Wessex Scene, and has given further details on how the events have happened. The student has asked to remain anonymous.

The student told the Wessex Scene that they were approached on Highfield by three males who overheard them talking about the election and their political views on Trump.

They stated that the three male students proceeded to call them a “white rich b****” and spat on them before walking away.

The affected student has said to the Wessex Scene “It just opened my eyes as to how nasty people can be regarding politics. I’d never leave a friend because they had opposing political views to me.

“There’s been so much negativity going around lately. We really need to unify and come together, rather than letting our political differences tear us apart.”

The Student has informed the Wessex Scene that they did not know who these people were.

Union President, Alex Hovden revealed the distressing news on his Facebook profile: “The election result has caused quite a stir across the globe, with many people feeling quite angry about the result.

“If you are one of those people, don’t let that anger turn into hate, because that is what deepens the divisions within our already fragmented society.

“Instead I would urge you to channel that anger into positive action. Engage with the issues and become part of the solution.”


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