Swap Shop Returns Tomorrow


This Friday, students have the opportunity to swap their old clothes for new ones in The Cube from 11:00 to 15:00.

The event is designed for students who are tired of their old clothes and want to  find something fresh to exchange for them.

If students do not have clothes to exchange, they can purchase items they like as a small donation which will go towards garment worker support charity, Labour behind the Label. Leftover items will also be donated to charity.

Flora Noble, VP Engagement, told the Wessex Scene“Swap shop is a great opportunity for you to get a new wardrobe without having to deal with WestQuay crowds or prices!

“I would really recommend donating a few forgotten clothes, getting some new ones and doing something positive for the environment at the same time!”

The Swap Shop is entirely run by volunteers, and if you see yourself fulfilling this role, then find out more about volunteering here.

Will you be exchanging clothing? Let us know what clothes you’ll be exchanging.


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