First Student Support Symposium Held


Union Southampton held its first Student Support Symposium on Monday 21st November in an effort to raise awareness of the available mental health support within the University.

Students and staff attended the event which involved representatives from the Advice Centre, Student Supporters, Nightline, Student Minds, and the University’s Enabling Services.

The event also gave attendees an opportunity to hear first hand about student’s experiences dealing with mental health concerns at university.

One student described the struggle of living with Asperger’s Syndrome and Depression at University: “There were numerous times, during this period, where I genuinely thought about ditching uni altogether.

“Returning home with my tail metaphorically between my legs and resigning myself to the fact that Depression and Asperger’s combined, had beaten me.”

The organisers proposed a ‘One click’ system, which would allow for students to access the appropriate help as quickly as possible.

Students can access support here.


Third year English student, News Editor 2016/17, currently studying abroad in Barcelona.

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