Union Southampton Rebrand Plan Announced


Union Southampton has announced its rebrand plan to build a new logo that encompasses the new style with the previous name SUSU.

The new branding will be launched by June 2017.

This comes after the All Student Vote in October on whether the Union should be called Union Southampton (Us.) or SUSU, which saw SUSU win a 70 per cent majority.

The new branding also won by a narrower majority of 54 per cent, meaning that the logos will be redesigned to encompass SUSU into them in lieu of Us.

The Union rebrand strategy | Credit: Union Southampton
The Union’s Rebrand Strategy | Credit: Union Southampton

The rebrand is expected to cost £20,000 of the 2016-17 budget, and an additional £10,000 will be asked for from the 2017-18 budget to complete the new image.

The Union has stated that the reason for the lengthy rebranding process is to ensure that full consultation can be made and that the students are able to have a say on the outcome of this branding. You can take part in this consultation here.

Branding Breakdown Costs | Credit: Union Southampton
Branding Cost Breakdown | Credit: Union Southampton

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