University of Southampton Students Come Second in ‘Lingerie Lust’ League Table 


Students from the University of Southampton came second to the University of Cambridge, closely followed by Sussex, East Anglia and Manchester in the new ‘lingerie lust’ league table. This league table ranks students at British Universities as to who are most likely to ‘sex up’ their lingerie for date night. 

Nationally, 32% of students make no effort with special lingerie when they start to see someone new. Yet, 9 out of 10 Southampton students have lingerie reserved for ‘hot’ dates and over a third (36%) have lingerie ready for that special first date with someone new.

Black was the favourite colour for ‘sexy lingerie’, with 63% of Southampton University students choosing lingerie this colour. The second favourite colour was red, with a mere 21% picking this colour.

Over half of Southampton students have 16 – 30 pairs of knickers and a third of students have under 15 pairs of knickers.

The recent survey was conducted by the lingerie brand Bluebella and Digin, which surveyed 3,290 students. Digin provides welcome parcels across 140 Universities to almost 75% of new students.

Bluebella chief executive Emily Bendell said;
“It’s great that lingerie is an important part of many students’ wardrobes and 89% of students at Southampton  have ‘occasion’ lingerie that they save for someone special. Students want to look great and gain the inner body confidence that great lingerie can give them. Our key message is to wear fabulous lingerie every day for yourself to feel amazing – never save anything for best.”
University lingerie lust table
1 Cambridge University
2 Southampton University
3 Sussex
4 East Anglia
5 Manchester
6 Leeds
7 Imperial College London
8 Bristol
9 King’s College London
10 Warwick

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