UPDATE: Suspected Southampton Student Found Dead – Police Statement Issued


Paramedics were called to a house on Highfield Lane, Highfield, Southampton this morning around 9:58 to attend to a man, believed to be in his mid 20s, who has died. It is thought that the residents of the house were students.

According to the Daily Echo a resident of the house has said –

“The police and the ambulance have been here attending to a person this morning – that’s as much as I’m prepared to say”

Police have given a statement this afternoon, confirming that the next of kin to the individual have been informed of the death.

Police have also stated that they are not treating the death as suspicious, and are preparing a file for the inquest.

It is rumoured by a neighbour that there was a birthday party at the house the night before, where they heard cheering at around 21:00 last night.


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