2016 is the ‘Year of Gin’


Sales of Gin in Britain have risen 16% in the last year, with 40 million bottles purchased.

An article in the Guardian publicises how, for the first time in the UK sales of gin have risen above £1 billion, with 40 new distilleries opening in 2016 as a result in the rising demand.

Neil Everitt, chief executive of Brockmans (a seller of premium gin), claims that the weakness of the British pound has also seen gin sales soar in Spain.

The WTSA (The Wine and Spirit Trade Association) also reported that British phenomenon such as Downton Abbey and James Bond have contributed to a rise in the exportation of gin. Exports to the US alone are up 533% in the last decade.

WTSA chief executive Mike Beales said: “There are many reasons why people may not feel like celebrating 2016 but the WSTA are pleased to give you something happy to reflect on – 2016 can now be remembered as the ‘Great British Gin Take Off’.”

The growth in gin sales outstrips that of beer and sparkling wine (including champagne), whilst British wine sales have gone down 1%.


Third year English student, News Editor 2016/17, currently studying abroad in Barcelona.

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