University’s Malaysia Campus Produces First Ever PhD Graduate


The University of Southampton’s Malaysia Campus (USMC) has produced its first ever PhD graduate.

Sam Fishlock became the first student at USMC to graduate with a PhD after successfully defending his thesis, entitled: ‘Development of nanocrystalline graphite for MEMS and membranes’. He was supervised by Assistant Professor, Dr. Suan-Hui and Professor John McBride, both based at USMC.

Dr. Suan, who has substantial experience in the development of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), said: “We are very proud of Sam and all of the PhD and undergraduate students here at our Malaysia Campus.

“Sam put in a huge amount of sacrifice and effort in his studies and it was a great experience guiding him along the way.”

Sam spent his first year at USMC, his second year at Highfield Campus, and his third and fourth years at A*STAR IMRE, Singapore. During Sam’s time at A*STAR, he remained an active part of USMC, helping out with undergraduate laboratory sessions.

Reflecting on his experiences, Sam offered advice to other PhD students: “When I was going through a tough part in my PhD, making little progress, Dr Chong [one of Sam’s four supervisors]told me: “it isn’t supposed to be easy, otherwise everyone would be called Dr.”

“When things become difficult, my advice is to just push on and find a way not to get too anxious about it. Talking through my problems with friends and other PhD students often helped me.”

Sam intends to remain in Singapore and continue studying the broad area of materials and MEMS.


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