Southampton Student Holding Hot Dog Goes Viral


A third year, politics and international relations student at the University of Southampton has bagged himself a spot on the front page of Reddit after he was pictured at the Humanities and Social Sciences Christmas Ball holding a hot dog.

Simon Pinney is the subject of a Photoshop battle thread on the front page of Reddit and his original photo has been hilariously photoshopped a number of times by Reddit users and the results speak for themselves.

Having shot to internet fame in less than 24 hours after making the image his profile picture on Facebook, Simon has created his own AMA on Reddit called ‘IamA the Hot Dog Kid’.

Here are some of the highlights from the battle so far:

Medal of Honour

Medal of Honour’/ron76 via Reddit

Madonna and Child

Madonna and Child’/workingat7 via Reddit

Proud Father

Proud Father’/ BBlapz via Reddit

I have many leather bound books

‘I have many leather bound books’/JBurto via Reddit

1962 Nobel Prize Winners

‘1962 Nobel Prize Winners’/00spool via Reddit

The Delicious Miracle of Life

‘The delicious miracle of life’/ huckfinn5891 via Reddit


‘Switchers!’/ sciteach44 via Reddit

We asked Simon what his influence was for the picture. He said

There wasn’t really any inspiration. I just thought it would be a funny picture

So, how does Simon feel about the whole thing?

It’s indescribable. I honestly think I’ve peaked. There’s no getting better. My life is complete.

See Hot Dog Kid’s Twitter account @HotDogKid1

Featured Image via SUPS Events


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