The December Dating Blues 


Today, the second Wednesday in December, is the worst day for dating throughout the year, with Britons showing the least interest. Some have even gone as far as dubbing it ‘Anti-Valentines Day’. 

e-Harmony in collaboration with The Future Foundation created a ‘Lovedex’ index measuring daily interest in dating, on a scale of 0-100, based on traffic to e-Harmony, social media mentions of the word ‘dating’ and google searches including the word ‘dating’.
The ‘Lovedex’ score for this day is down 30% compared to the average day. The other top 5 days with the lowest ‘Lovedex’ scores are the first Tuesday and Monday of December, as well as the second Tuesday in December and the last Tuesday of November.
Unsurprisingly, the survey found that New Years Eve and Valentines Day were the most romantic days of the year, closely followed by the first Saturday of the new year.
1 in 5 singletons in Britain reported going on fewer dates in December than any other month, with 1 in 7 people in this group putting their love life on hold for the whole month. But, don’t be alarmed as it’s reported that 30% of young singletons (16-24 year olds) actually go on more dates in December than any other month.
Why the dating December blues?  The survey found that people felt there was already a lot of financial pressure during this month as well as copious festive commitments that can’t be avoided.  However, 1 in 3 men said that the biggest obstacle was it being too cold in December.
So, Southampton students do you experience the ‘December Dating Blues’?

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