As we all know, West Quay has opened a new food and leisure complex, something that all of us are excited about. Whilst some of the restaurants have been open since before the Christmas break, there was another wave of opening within the past few weeks, including that of new Greek restaurant- The Real Greek.

Credit: Ellen Jenne

I was fortunate enough to join the restaurant on its official opening night last Wednesday, hosted by chef Tonia Buxton, whose programme My Greek Kitchen on TLC, makes Greek food easy and simple for you to make at home. The atmosphere was buzzing, full of anticipation, as the restaurant filled up. The staff treated you like family, welcoming you and making sure you were well looked after through-out the night. Having never eaten Greek food, I wasn’t too sure what to expect. But I can guarantee you, I definitely wasn’t disappointed.

The menu spoils you. The kitchen is in the view of all their diners, so you can’t escape from the intoxicating smells of their food. The décor reminds you of both legacy of Ancient Greece and the sunny isles of Santorini… and so does their bar. As well as a first for not just Southampton, but for all The Real Greek restaurants, they pride themselves on having their first cocktail bar in our city. I mean, it’s a student’s dream, really. So even if you wanted a cheeky drink, they have a cute corner reserved just for that. It’s much more relaxing, where can you lounge on the sofas like you would in Ancient Greece.

Credit: Ellen Jenne

With a range of menus, I was lucky enough to sample some of the dishes. Of course, I wish I could’ve eaten it all, but after a while, there was physically no more room left. From lamb to prawns, the menu covered just about everything you could ask for! You could easily tuck into the Mezze dishes, but we found them perfect sizes for sharing. It made it a lot easier to eat more of the dishes, so we didn’t miss out.

Presented as if you were having afternoon tea, the plates were piled high. The food was almost too pretty to eat, but that would’ve been rude. They have a range of cold, hot and grilled Mezze plates for you to try. So there really is something for everyone. We tucked into slow-roasted pork belly, lamb meatballs and Aegean prawns. They have a selection of skewers to share. And Souvlaki wraps, perfect for two. The prawns were my absolute favourite! There’s also plenty of choices that include Halloumi too, for those cheese lovers out there.

Credit: Ellen Jenne

The Real Greek accommodates both meat lovers and vegetarians, so you will never fall short for choice. We even forced ourselves to try their Baklava, which if I’m honest, didn’t take much force. The restaurant really tried to make food a social activity, whether you pop in for a cocktail at the bar, or indulge yourself in the array of dishes they have with your friends. It’s an ideal place for groups to eat at!

For my first experience of Greek food, it was pleasantly inviting and the food was so good that I implore you to go try it for yourselves, because I can’t seem to find any words to describe it to you other than- delicious.

Credit: Ellen Jenne

And if that doesn’t tempt you, The Real Greek offers deals to students too! With your student card you can enjoy 25% off you bill, and also 15% of the Athenian Set Dinner Menu (Monday to Thursday after 5pm, and all day Sunday). The Real Greek really provides friendly eating for students, creating a chilled vibe I’m sure that will continue.

I can’t recommend The Real Greek more, especially if you’re looking for something new and refreshing to try!

You can find The Real Greek on social media, too:

  • Twitter- @RealGreekTweet
  • Instagram- therealgreekuk
  • Facebook- TheRealGreek

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