Human remains discovered in Southampton park


Riverside Park was yesterday closed to the public following the discovery of human remains. A tent was erected around the remains and the investigation is ongoing. The remains are believed to have been discovered by a group of metal detectorists on Wednesday.

Although the remains have yet to be identified, the police have contacted the family of a man who went missing six months ago. 22 year-old Ovidijus Aukselis was last seen on 15th July at his home in Arnold Road. Following his disappearance, his family issued a plea for information; his sister, Indre Aukselyte, described him as ‘a very homely person’ and commented that it was out of character for him to be away from home for so long.

Local people have described their shock at the discovery. Sabrina O’Donnell, a mother from Totton, commented that ‘this is really shocking, we bring our children for walks down here all the time because it is a really safe place’, while Jonathan Barton, also from Totton, described the area as a happy place for his family.


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