Southampton RAG Fundraising for University’s Campaign for Centre for Cancer Immunology


Marking World Cancer Day on 3rd February, RAG will be fundraising for ‘The University’s campaign for the Centre for Cancer Immunology’ on Friday and Saturday.

On Friday RAG will be running a stall at Refreshers’ Fayre in the Cube from 10:00am-3:00pm both collecting donations and supporting the university’s #WearingWhite campaign which aims to raise awareness of the key role the body’s immune system can play in finding a cure for cancer.

The following day bucket collections will take place on Above Bar Street from 9am until 4pm. A further bucket collection will take place on Saturday 18th February in Winchester.

Speaking to Wessex Scene, RAG Partnership Officer 2016/17 Bella Struglinski said: “As a student, RAG is an excellent way to get involved with fundraisers and outreach events for fantastic causes, with the campaign for the Centre for Cancer Immunology being one of many.

“This World Cancer Day is a great opportunity, especially for new volunteers, to contribute towards the largest fundraising campaign the University has ever undertaken”

£20.5 million out of the required £25 million to enable construction of the Cancer Immunology Centre has already been successfully raised by the university’s campaign. If the University’s campaign for the Centre for Cancer Immunology is successful, the Centre will be constructed as part of Southampton General Hospital and be the first of its kind in the UK. Once established, it will enable further and significantly expanded research into immunotherapy treatments for cancer.

Cancer occurs where there is malignant growth or tumour in part of the body as the result of uncontrolled division of cells. There are now an estimated 2.5 million people in the UK living with cancer and it is predicted that one in two people living in the UK currently will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lives.

However, according to the Centre for Cancer Immunology campaign homepage, further research could enable a cancer vaccine within 15 years.

To donate to the University’s campaign for the Centre for Cancer Immunology, visit RAG stall at Refreshers’ Fayre to participate in the #WearingWhite campaign, or alternatively donate £3 by texting YOUREIT to 70660 



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