Students’ Union Spring Elections Nominations Are Now Open


Election nominations for seven sabbatical positions and various student leader positions at the University of Southampton’s Students’ Union have now opened.

The 7 positions available are:

  • Union President
  • VP Democracy and Creative Industries
  • VP Education
  • VP Engagement
  • VP Sports Development
  • VP Student Communities
  • VP Welfare

The sabb positions are all paid with a salary of over £20,000. The student leader positions, including Nightline Officer and Wessex Scene Editor, offer invaluable experience to students interested in these areas. Nominations are open until Thursday 16 February at 13:00.

You can apply online and it is also possible to nominate a friend if you think you know someone who is up for the job.

To read more and apply, follow the link here.


Third year English student, News Editor 2016/17, currently studying abroad in Barcelona.

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