Over 400 Burglaries Took Place around the University LAST YEAR


Figures from locksmithservice.co.uk reveal that 423 burglaries took place within a one-mile radius of Highfield Campus between January and November last year.

The regions around the University include Highfield, Bassett and Portswood and are heavily populated by students, meaning that these statistics suggest that student homes might be at greater risk.

Les Harris, Bassett ward city councillor, believes that the actual figure would be over 800 incidents of burglaries if those which are unreported are considered. Harris has called for more awareness of the matter.

A spokesman for the University of Southampton told the Daily Echo: “All of our halls of residence have 24 hour security and CCTV, and students have access to support seven days a week. They are given security advice before they arrive in halls and during their stay.

“Many students live in private rented accommodation and the Advice Centre at the students’ union provides excellent information about how they can keep their valuables and themselves safe.

“Private rental properties in SASSH (Southampton Accreditation Scheme for Student Housing) are expected to reach certain security levels, for example with appropriate good quality locks on windows and doors.

“The university has a strong relationship with local police officers, who regularly engage with students on campus relating to security matters.

“The students’ union also supports an annual police initiative to prevent burglaries in the Portswood area.”

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