Southampton Resident Argues Students Should Pay Council Tax


The Daily Echo has published a reader’s letter arguing that students in Southampton should pay council tax.

The letter published yesterday, written by Bassett resident Iris Minard, agreed with an earlier letter arguing the same point.

The letter reads:

They live in our city and enjoy all the amenities, wherever they live, so why shouldn’t they pay for them. I have said this for years, they are sitting pretty just paying for their accommodation and nothing towards the services in the city…

No wonder Southampton is so poor, students are not paying anything towards its upkeep.

At present students in full-time study do not need to pay council tax. For more information on student council tax visit the university’s FAQ page.

The full letter can be read on the Daily Echo’s website.

Do you agree that students should pay council tax? Or do you disagree and think that they shouldn’t? Let us know in the comments section below.


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    Ivan Morris Poxton

    ‘Sitting pretty’ – yes, sitting pretty on the prospect of £50,000+ of debt and sitting pretty on maintenance loans that for many barely cover accommodation costs. Going to university is expensive enough as it is

    ‘Not paying anything towards upkeep’ – would like to see bars, nightclubs and pubs and quite a lot of the retail stores too in city cope without student demand… be interesting to see how many more empty spaces like Blockbusters on Portswood Road would emerge

    Besides, surely if students were charged council tax, they’d be billed for where their billing address is? For most first year that’ll be wherever they call home is, not Southampton

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