Union Election: Rumoured Candidates


Our secret informant, Susu the Cat, has exclusively told us some of the alleged candidates for this year’s union elections. However, given that Susu the Cat is actually a cat, and supposedly drinks milk and Malibu, this list may not be entirely accurate…

VP Engagement

Dan Varley

Cameron Meldrum

Frazer Delves

Thomas Gravatt


VP Communities

Sam Higman

Arun Aggarwal

Lii Mohamed

Jack Davies

Isobel Worrall


VP Education

Samuel Dedman

Anthony Kenny

Henry Lane

Mark Marsden

Jahangir Jingy Alom


VP Sports

Tom Provan

Henry Tyrell

Olivia Owen

James Edwards


VP Welfare

David Allwright

Tom Randall

Jonathan St. Clair-Smith

Tirzah Thompson



Alice Hearing

Greg Williams

George Smith

Evelyn Reilly 


Union President

Alex Hovden

Flora Noble

Simon Pinney

Toby Leveson

Benjamin Franklin

Matthew Cowley

Sam Tyler

Thomas Gravatt


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