Candidate Interview: Henry Lane, Union President


With Candidates for both full-time Sabbatical Roles and Students Leader roles in the midst of campaigning, we interviewed each candidate running for full-time sabbatical roles to find out why they wanted the role and what they planned to do if elected. History student, candidate for Union President and communist visionary, Henry Lane talks to the Wessex Scene about his intention to bring a glorious proletariat revolution to the Southampton Student Union.


I am here with Henry Lane. First question, why are you running for the position?

I am running, not for any individual reason; but it’s more of a calling from history, as a moment to rise up and finish off what Lenin started 100 years ago


So, do you consider him as a role model?

More of an icon; but obviously less superior to myself.

I think there’s far too much exploitation of the masses which needs to be fixed.


So, why do you think you are in a position to fix that?

The vision that I have.


The vision.

Yes, the vision.


Is that capitalised?

Yes, ‘The Vision’. As you’ve seen in my manifesto, I will bring an end to exploitations through the 15p card charge, all that stuff, and bring about collectivisation so no one has to be hungry or envious of one another. We can all be equal. I feel we need to reflect the work our students do, so that’s why we will name the maths building the People’s Tower. I think the main problem is there is so much unneeded literature in the library, we’ll take out all non-approved literature for public burning to save time; which can be used to improve the community.


So, you mentioned you were going to axe the 15p card charge, are you trying to revert back to a simpler time?

It’s more I’m eradicating all the prices by collectivisation, so I’m taking out the student union, SUSU shop and the café and replacing it where everyone gets a free water and apple, or bananas if you’re allergic to apple, or alternative pasta dishes.


Do you feel like that’s going to improve healthy eating as well?

Well, we do need a stronger community; but we are also quite tolerant towards people, everyone has got a different body shape so it’s more giving the needs and wants of people.


Needs and wants as far as collectivisation will allow.

In terms of dietary requirements.


So you have quite an accommodating vision?

Obviously accommodating for the proletariat, bourgeoisie- we are done being tolerant of their exploitational ways, we do not trust them.


Do you feel like there are going to be any restrictions placed on you by the role that you might have to have to fight against or overcome?

I fear nobody or anything. There will be many ways to maintain the economic interests of the upper classes, but I will tear through these things in a revolutionary manner.


So, you see yourself as bringing about a revolution to the University?

Well, more completing it, bringing a vision I’d say. Not an individual vision; but instead a kind of required vision of history as dictated up to this point.


You talk in your manifesto about giving more power to the campus security.

Well, this is the thing, it’s a controversial one. First we need to rename them, ‘The Red Army’, the true title of what they are, because the security is for the community not for the individual private property. And we need to deal with the anti-socials in our community which wish to hold back the interests of the masses for their private interests. And to do so we require to bring force, because you can only give true freedom to people by bringing force with it. That’s how any true free society works.


So, you see them as really becoming part of the day to day life on campus?

Well if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear.


Do you feel you want to build on the way the President currently runs the Union or is that something you want to change?

Well, as Alex as a person I respect him highly and think he makes a very good president. However, it is more the systematic structure designed to hold up the economic interests of the upper classes and hold back the potential of the students. Although, he is a great man, no one is able to represent the interests of people and keep the system happy, you have to choose one or the other. I, rather than pretend to choose two, will choose the interests of the masses, by destroying these things and replacing how they mislead the public with things like ‘democracy’, when actually all they do is just hold up their own interests. I shall replace this with interests which we can guarantee will be for the interests of the masses.


Would you say that your decision to run is being influenced by the current political climate?

Definitely, absolutely. For the first time the neo-liberal economic system is beginning to collapse around us, as we saw. The last time we maybe saw this was the 1930s and this is an opportunity to reclaim what’s seen as the non -mainstream political thought process. Obviously the left.


So, you really see this as an opportunity for rebirth?

Yes rebirth, a new way of doing stuff, reinvent the world. It will start on campus and then spread across. As time goes on we will replace Donald Trump with Bernie Sanders. We will replace Theresa May with Jeremy Corbyn. We will replace the Conservative party in Spain with a collation, of a socialist economist party. And we will, in Berlin, finally get rid of the liberals, who have been working hand in hand secretly and the agents of the conservatives.


So, you really see your campaign as instrumental to starting that whole process?

More of a hope and vision.


If you had to pitch yourself to your voters in 30 seconds, what would you say?

You have nothing to lose but your chains of oppression.


Is that it?

That’s it, that’s all you need to know.


Is there anything else you’d like to say to the people?

Obviously this article will be written in a way which is designed to damage my reputation; but you cannot trust the bourgeoisie fake news media. So, I will also bring an end to fake news by bringing all media outlets under union control, to finally represent true news.


Do you not think that that might be slightly resisted by the entire University as disrupting the idea of free speech?

Fake News.


Henry Lane, thank you.

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