Candidate Interview: Sam Higman, VP Welfare


With Candidates for both full-time Sabbatical Roles and Students Leader roles in the midst of campaigning, we interviewed each candidate running for full-time sabbatical roles to find out why they wanted the role and what they planned to do if elected. Wessex Scene Elections Correspondent Ivan Morris-Poxton interviews Sam Higman, who is hoping to be elected VP Welfare.

Hi Sam, firstly why are you running for the position of VP Welfare?

I’ve been involved in Halls Committees and I’m currently Halls Officer, so I work with the Welfare Officers and Wellbeing Officers for Halls quite often. Also, we’ve been doing a Sexual Consent Awareness campaign recently, which I’ve been heavily involved with and it’s something that we want to develop and that I want to be involved in, in the future. I’ve got a lot of ideas in my manifesto that I’d like to see happen at the Union.

What experience do you have that makes you fit the role of VP Welfare?

I was in Mayflower Halls Committee in my first and second year and I worked as a team as their social media officer. Leadership skills are prevalent in the fact I was Halls Officer, which I was elected to last year, and my participation in the Sexual Campaign Awareness group.

Sexual Consent Awareness was totally student-led. It was an idea we kind of bounced off each other at Freshers 2016. We decided that something needed to be done as there were too many stories we were hearing and we wanted to do something about it. Other universities have now contacted us about this, which is really exciting.

What are the main problems you identify within the remits of the role and how do you plan to fix them?

Obviously, I’ve got my manifesto points, which show what I’d like to improve and implement, but I think there needs to be a big focus on sexual consent awareness. Other than our student-led campaign, especially in my first and second years, it didn’t seem to be a thing and there didn’t seem to be any kind of awareness about sexual consent or the stigma around mental health, which is quite close to me personally. I think a lot of people at university do struggle with mental health problems and they’re sort of brushed under the carpet – that’s something I’d like to de-stigmatize.

You said in your manifesto you wanted to provide more events for student parents – so what do you mean by that, what events would you offer exactly?

I think in the Equality and Diversity realm of the role there’s a lot of different people and groups of people that need a VP Welfare’s help and I think student parents and their children are one of those groups. Last year, there was a Christmas lights switch on for students ourselves and a separate event for student families and their children. It was a separate date because I think it’s way less intimidating for parents to bring their children to and it’s a nicer environment for people, because you don’t want a combination of children running around and people drinking… it doesn’t go well. I think they need to be separate and more of a focus on them.

So, the Christmas light switch on,where they had activities and events going on for children, and Teddy Bear’s picnics, have worked quite well and I think that’s a really sweet idea.

What are Teddy Bear’s Picnics?

It’s where student parents and their children can meet other student parents and other children. It’s an event for that community to come together when they don’t tend to get the opportunity to.

You also say in your manifesto that you want to set up a regular, ‘pop-up’ food stall. How will you implement this/pay for it?

So, the idea initially was to make students aware of the different kind of cultures, foods and diets that are available and I think it worked well in Culture Week. Also, I said raw vegan in my manifesto just as an example, but I think something like that is really, really difficult for students to be able to go about doing themselves.

I think the way I’d want to implement it, as a trial, would be to contact Union outlets and see if they can provide a menu, or the pop-up food stall themselves. I think that would be the most economic way of going about that.

Finally, could you give us a 30-second closing pitch as to why students should vote for you for VP Welfare?

I am heavily involved with lots of projects within the Union, Halls Committees, SCA and I’m really, really passionate about all projects I embark on at the Union. I’ve got lots of ideas I want to implement and I’m keen to implement as many as I possibly can, to develop the Union!

Sam Higman, thank you.

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