Voting for Union Elections is Now Open


As of 12:00 voting for Union Southampton elections is officially open.

You can follow the link below to vote on the Union Southampton website for your preferred candidate, or vote at a physical polling station on campus.

Voting will close on Friday 3rd March at 4pm and the winners will be announced on Friday evening.

If you wish to find out more about the candidates you can read their manifestos which are available online. The Wessex Scene also conducted interviews with the candidates which are available to read via our website. There is also a ‘Meet the Candidates’ event taking place this evening and tomorrow evening on the Concourse (Students Union, B42) at 7pm. Come along to meet the candidates and ask them questions about their policies. If you can’t make it to the concourse, Wessex Scene will be live blogging, so you can follow the events online.

Follow the link below to access candidate manifestos:



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