Local Council to Receive £400,000 to Help the Homeless


Southampton City Council is set to receive funding that amounts to £400,000 so it can offer 24 hour support and accommodation to homeless people in the local area.

The funding will be spread across the course of two years and will come from the Rough Sleepers’ Grant from the Department for Communities and Local Government.

This £40 million homelessness prevention programme was announced in a press release back in October 2016. £10 million has been set aside to provide targeted support for those at imminent risk of sleeping rough, whilst another £10 million has been allocated to help long-term rough sleepers with the most complex needs. A further £20 million will be assigned to local authorities so that they can pilot new initiatives to tackle homelessness in their respective areas.

National Communities and Local Government Secretary, Sajid Javid, explained that the initiative, “will fund different projects around the country, preventing people from losing their home in the first place and helping to ensure that rough sleepers have somewhere safe to stay.”

As it stands, rather than giving money directly to those on the streets, Southampton City Council is encouraging members of the public to give donations to local homelessness charities, such as the Society of St James.

Last year the council launched the poster campaign ‘Begging you for lasting change’ to encourage this, as it believes that the money will be used more effectively this way.

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