Southampton Store Appoints Cat Head of Department


B&M, a retail store in Millbrook, has made a previously abandoned cat the head of the pet department. 

It seems that the Union cat, ‘Susu’ has some company with B&M also giving power to a feline friend.

Sheldon Lee Cooper-Webster used to be an abandoned cat, sleeping on the doorsteps of homes around Southampton – until Anne Webster rescued him 18 months ago, since then she has got quite used to completing her daily routine with him.

“As soon as it’s light he’s out the door before I even leave for work, he’s very committed to the job so he likes to make sure he’s there on time – sometimes he arrives before the store manager and his team get there!”

She also has to go and collect him from work each night saying that “most of the time he doesn’t want to leave – he’d stay there 24/7 and do security if he could.”

It’s not only his new owners that are fans of Sheldon, the store has a Facebook following of over 500 people since Sheldon joined.

Store Manager Tim Evans said: “Sheldon has come a long way since his homeless days. At first we tried sending him home to his mum but he just keeps coming back into the store.”

Customers of the store seem for the most part to be a fan of Sheldon, often buying him his favourite food whenever they shop, with children from the area asking to visit him.


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