Tesco to Give Unused Food to Charity


Southampton will be one of the first 15 areas to become involved in the initiative.

With the a digital platform, ‘FoodShare FoodCloud’, staff will be able to connect with local charities and distribute excess food. The project aims to tackle waste at a local, store level.

According to Tesco chief executive Dave Lewis, these projects reflect Tesco’s efforts to cut back on waste and help local charities, issues that affect and concern their customers.

‘We believe no food that could be eaten should be wasted. That’s why we have committed that no surplus food should go to waste from our stores.

According to figure from the retailer last year saw 55,400 tonnes of food disposed of, of which 30,000 could have been eaten. Tesco is aiming to involve 5,000 local charities in this project. The scheme will be launched this week in a number of cities, including: Southampton, Manchester, Portsmouth and Birmingham.

Tesco is also launching a new ‘Perfectly Imperfect’ range in an effort to buy and sell more vegetables that would otherwise be rejected by supermarkets. Lewis stated that initiatives like this reflect a desire to make a lasting change:

‘But we know the challenge is bigger than this and that’s why we’ve made a farm-to-fork commitment to reduce food waste upstream with our suppliers and in our own operations and downstream in our customers’ own homes.’




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