Team Southampton Kick Off Varsity 2017 With Equestrian Triumph


Southampton Riding Club got Varsity 2017 proceedings off on the right foot, claiming maximum points over Pompey in the first event which occurred on the 10th March.

Credit: Maddi Ellis

The equestrian varsity event saw the two Southampton teams claim first and second, while Portsmouth were left with the third and fourth place positions. The day saw each competitor compete in a dressage test, going on to compete in a show jumping round to finish off. Below are the individual standings for the Southampton riders that took part:

1st Holly Stuart

2nd Claudia Gilber

4th Lucy Harris

5th Maddi Ellis

6th Noor Yadollahi

7th Ellie Boatman


The rest of Team Southampton will be looking to replicate the Riding Team’s success. Next up to pit themselves against Portsmouth will be teams competing in Hockey, Gymnastics, Softball, Swimming and Archery, who will be in action on Sunday the 12th March.

Then, midweek on the Wednesday, the golf and sailing clubs will be heading east to show what they’ve got.

Finally, the main day of events for Varsity 2017 will be happening on the 18th March. Tickets are still available from the Union Box Office but there are fewer than 200 remaining, so get them while you can!

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