Grad Ball 2017 Will Take Place on Campus


This year’s Grad ball is set to be hosted at the Union and some students are unimpressed.

Last year the ball took place at the O2 Guldhall, and the year before it was at Oceana, it seems this year’s grad ball is taking place in our very own Union Southampton building, and people do not seem happy about it. One student posted online:

“I’m not accepting that the Grad Ball is happening in the Union.

Anyone who wants to hold an alternative Grad Ball or knows of one in the works, lets talk.”

This year it’s priced at £35 and tickets will be going up to £40 in the week running up to the event. With a maximum capacity of 2,000 people, the Union have a budget of £70,000 to spend. Considering last year’s headliner was Clean Bandit and the year before it was Labrinth, that doesn’t seem like too bad a price to pay, but there’s some upset about the cost of the event considering it’s taking place on campus – surely the Union own the building so why are they charging such a steep price?

Last year’s Grad Ball was £48 and £50 in 2015, and options for this year were Oceana, O2 Guildhall or the Union.

Though information hasn’t yet been released by the Union, will be the place to look when it is.


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